Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats is a classic SW recipe that is introduced to nearly everyone from the beginning of their time at Slimming World, whether it be online or it group. I personally believe enjoy this mix of ingredients as someone who is always busy it can be a great time saver for breakfast or a stodgy pudding later in the day. I have made 3 simple overnight oats but down below I have included some ideas on how you can make it more creative and filling. Definitely key to this is the more fruit the better as it will keep you satisfied for longer. 

This will use your Healthy B (oats) but when you taste it, it's so worth it!

If you are reading this and thinking 'It's a slimming world recipe booo' it's not you can make it, enjoy it and ignore all the SW related mumbo jumbo.


35g porridge oats (any brand)
1 mullerlight yogurt - above is one strawberry, toffee and chocolate orange
Selection of fruit

Prepare fruit and add to plastic container
Measure oats and add to fruit 
Pour yogurt in to the mixture and combine thoroughly 
Store in fridge overnight and enjoy

Options: Add some milk (HA) to make for a creamier texture, peanut butter (syns), chia seeds (syns)
Note: If you heat this combination up it needs to be synned

Enjoy this mind altering breakfast

Katie xx

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