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5 easy healthy lunches

Hey guys

Lunch has always been a difficult time food wise for me as I am hungry and I never know what to cook that will fill me up but not overface me. I feel sandwiches are a thing of the past, unless you are out and need something quick to eat. With so many options available, why settle for a boring sandwich that will cause you to be hungry a couple of hours later?

Is this just me or do other people feel the same?

Here are my top 5 favourite lunch meals that are easy to prepare for when you are at home or to take to work/school. I am currently a student but I also work 13 hour shifts so I know that to be healthy, I need to be on my toes. 
Let me know what you easy lunches you all make!

1. Toastie and wedges (with side salad)

Obviously this is student friendly. I, like many students have fond memories of my toastie maker and those toastie bags that fit in the toaster. It seemed impossible that toasties were a meal you could eat as a real life adult. 
A toastie will never fill me, so I could have 2 or serve with a side of quick homemade potato wedges.

Toasties are delicious warm, attempt bravely cold or otherwise known as a sandwich. 

Previous fillings for me have included: 
Ham, 20g feta cheese and baked beans
Chicken slices and baked beans
Chorizo and boiled egg
Bacon, poached egg and maple syrup
Red pepper, spinach and ham hock

2. Pasta

All the best food is from Italy and unfortunately I don't live there... I will make do with making my version of their delicious food. Pasta is fab for either at home or at work as it can be eaten cold or hot. All you need is 10-15 minutes to cook and prepare it. 
I normally make a simple tomato sauce to go with the pasta and change the vegetables, meat and sides that I add to it. This way I know how long it will take and it is easy to prepare to take to work. 

3. Omelette

So I am not one for a light lunch... I love cheese and carbs, it could be worse?! (Reassurance is not needed). 
An omelette has all the right protein and good fats your body is needing and don't worry, the yolk is good for you!
I normally whisk my eggs and then add all the vegetables and herbs then whisk again before cooking. Although my omelettes are never pretty or Instagram friendly, they are tasty. This one in the photo is stuffed with cheese and served with wedges (duh) but this is not always the case.

4. Grab whatever is in your cupboards/fridge lunch

Sometimes you don't have anything in that makes one whole meal. So it becomes a picnic type of lunch and that's perfectly fine, sometimes even better. As long as it is tasty and leaves you not hungry then do it!
(Photo: my grab it lunch was bacon, sun dried tomato, scrambled egg and spinach, apple and apple and cheese spread on toast)

(Photo: Dippy eggs, leftover pasta salad and asparagus) 

5. Jacket potato

Simple but efficient. I would have never thought to have a jacket potato for lunch a few years ago because a little voice in my head would have told me they are way too many carbs. Yet, the nutritional value in them outweigh this so much and they are so yummy!
Yes they do take a while to cook; I recommend about an 1hr30mins in the oven but woah boy you will not hear my belly rumbling. 

Beans and Bacon

Let's be honest, these are the only fillings I ever have in my spuds but some people do not like baked beans (crazy) so if you are these people see below:

Egg mayonnaise and cress
Chilli con carne
Sundried tomato, chorizo and sweet peppers
Tuna and Mayo. 

So these lunches are so easy to make and can be made so healthy if you put your minds to it. I think I am the worst person for having the same lunches every week but I hope this will help you mix things up for a bit in the easiest way.

Have a good day

Katie x

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