Wednesday, 7 September 2016

GBBO on Great British Bake Off

My Great Big British Opinion (GBBO) on The Great Big British Bake off (GBBO)

Hey guys,

So it's the third week of British Bake Off and it's my absolutely favourite programme in the world apart from Gilmore girls. I cannot understand any person that says it annoys them, they don't get it or they have never watched it. Buffoons. 

I will obviously do a bake, something healthy-ish and settle down - PJs on, cup of tea in hand, baked good somewhere nearby and relax as I watch a piece of joy. This is my great big British opinion on the bakers! 

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My favourite: Val

She just keeps booting them out one, by one. Although not the best baker, I feel that I can relate to her. She just keeps going, no matter how bad the bake goes and sometimes that's all you can do. I love how cheery she is and she is just having fun, no stress with her.

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Andrew (Mum's nickname: Ginge) is my second favourite and I'm rooting for him secretly. I'm sure when Val unfortunately goes he will become my new favourite. Andy secretly has wit and is really actually quite good. He reminds me of my boyfriend (not in looks), combining engineering and baking together. 

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Selasi: This cool cucumber talks the talk and can also bake. However I think he lacks the drama that Bake Off needs. I don't want a dream boat cooking me my lemon drizzle, I need bin gate!

Image result for Rav great british bake off
Rav: We haven't seen much of him yet. Very average but I think we all know what he is going through. Not at the top but not at the bottom, playing it safe. He seems to stress a lot and I get that. Rav should ask Selasi for some tips on playing it cool

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Benjamina: Obviously her parents really wanted a boy! I'm neither a lover or a hater. She just flys under the radar... Maybe bread week will be her time to shine or maybe Val will kick her to the curb

Image result for Tom Great british bake off
Tom: AA no so anonymous. We enjoy his ambitious attempts to impress Mary by adding alcohol to every cake. I also get the idea that he knows what he is doing but is building up to impressing us. He's a slow burner. 

Image result for Michael Great british bake off
Tom: I just want to adopt him.

Image result for Kate Great british bake off

Kate: If you handed her a plate she would spin it on her head whilst baking, she can do it all! Someone get her to say a curse word when her signature bake falls apart

Image result for Candice Great british bake off
Candice: She is like Marmite, she either love her or hate. I think she has amazing lip colour. My mum thinks she is overrated. She is pretty though I can't concentrate on her baking because her lips are that good!

Image result for Jane Great british bake off

Jane: Didn't deserve star baker in the first week and I have never forgave. 

I hope your enjoy GBBO and let's hope it's an amazing series. 

Love Kate


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